Bernhard Haux is a “character technical director,” which in his case means he models characters and works on their internal motions (I think--I didn’t fully grasp the lingo). Which means he is just a small piece in the larger Pixar machine, but a piece that’s aware of what everyone else is doing too. He’s worked on major movies such as Up,BraveMonsters U, and others in the last six years. To read more, click here


02/20/2014 10:28pm

Thanks for the post; the points about tenacity and perspective were especially appreciated.

I'm not a programmer, and although I used a skin to develop my website, it took some doing to create a design a liked, then re-create something more utilitarian (I have a lot to learn about cross-browser consistency), but still easy on my eyes.

My site's still a work-in-progress, but now I don't feel so badly about still wanting to tweak some of the visuals.

Again, thanks.


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